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Recent Result on Applications to the Committee of Adjustment

posted Nov 29, 2011 5:01 AM by Westboro Beach Community Association   [ updated Nov 29, 2011 5:05 AM ]

When a property owner intends to make significant changes to an existing property e.g. sever the lot, build a larger than permitted structure, etc, they must request variance approval from the City of Ottawa Committee of Adjustment.  The WBCA reviews these requests carefully and works with the neighbours to oppose variance which are not in keeping with the neighbourhood.
On November 16, 2011, there were 4 properties under consideration in the Westboro Beach area.  The decision of the Committee has now been announced.
1.     289-291 Atlantis Ave (developer Urban Strada).  The developer asked to sever the lot in half, and build 2 houses requiring reduced lot width and reduced lot size.   The fourth request was to have the house be higher than the 8 metre height allowed for by zoning.
Result:  The application was adjourned to be reviewed at the January meeting.  This is to give the developer and neighbours time to find a compromise. The application will be coming back to the Committee of Adjustment.
2.    283 Kirchoffer Ave. (developer Greg Capello).  The developer wants to duplicate what he built at 285-289 Kirchoffer – something which was also not approved at the Committee of Adjustment nor at the Ontario Municipal Board.

Result: The reserve decision of the Committee was to adjourn all of Mr. Capello’s applications ‘Sine Die’.  In order for Mr. Capello to reactivate his applications he will have to pay a fee to the Committee for their reactivation/recirculation and then in turn will re-notify everyone that is within a 60 metres radius of this property of the new Hearing date.  There is no decision issued when the Committee adjourns applications ‘Sine Die (adjourned without assigning a date). 
3.     285 Selby Ave and 266, 268, 270 Ferndale Ave. (developer Uniform Urban Developments).  The developer asked to sever the existing lot into 4 lots and to have reduced lot size (20%) and lot width.

Result:  Application approved. "It is the opinion of the Committee that the scale and massing of the proposed development is appropriate for the subject property.  The Committee acknowledges that corner lots provide unique opportunities for intensification, and find this particular corner lot provides a suitable lot area to accommodate the four proposed parcels, with minimal adverse impact on surrounding development and existing vegetation.”
4.    283 Lanark Ave  and 272,274,276, 278 Beechgrove Ave. (developer Sam Falsetto).  The developer asked to sever the existing lot into 4 lots and to have reduced lot size (40%) and lot width.

Result:  Application refused.  “The applications for minor variances having failed, therefore these applications must also fail.”
If you wish to discuss any of these properties in greater detail or to have more information on the Committee of Adjustment process, please contact any member of the WBCA

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