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Proposed Development at 335 Roosevelt

posted Sep 2, 2011 9:25 AM by Westboro Beach Community Association   [ updated Sep 2, 2011 10:06 AM ]

On July 29, 2011, Uniform Urban Developments submitted a zoning by-lay amendment proposal to Ottawa's Planning Committee in order to build a twin tower (16 and 14 stories), 194 residential unit condominium complex at 335 Roosevelt Ave. on the site of the Fendor property.

In order to obtain approval for this proposed development, Uniform has asked the Committee to change the site's existing height restriction from 19 metres (6 storeys) to 53 metres (16 storeys).  Details of Uniform's application and its five expert reports can be found at http://app01.ottawa.ca/postingplans/appDetails.jsf?lang=en&appId=__8OOR0J.

If you are opposed to the proposed development at 335 Roosevelt you can make a big difference by taking the following quick and easy actions:

1. Add your name and address to a petition by emailing violetta.s@sympatico.ca before Sept 9, 2011.

2. Send an email opposing the development to Douglas James and Katherine Hobbs by Sept 9. If you don’t have time to compose a letter, the letter text below. Fill in your name and address and email to    Douglas.James@ottawa.ca and Katherine.Hobbs@ottawa.ca. Doing so will not only add critical weight to the opposition but will ensure that the city will notify you about public meetings, decisions and other information.

3.  Make every effort to attend all public meetings. There is strength in numbers!!!!
The first meeting is being held on Sept 27 at 7 pm at the Churchill Seniors Community Centre (345 Richmond Road,free parking on Churchill behind the Centre)

Letter text:

I ____name_________live at ____address__________and am writing to voice my opposition to the construction of two multiple-storey buildings at the location of the Fendor building.  The proposed structures exceed the height currently allowed by zoning laws by approximately 3-fold. I fully support the height limitations imposed by zoning laws and strongly believe that the proposed building plan presents an unacceptable traffic burden, decrease in light and decrease in privacy to the residents of the surrounding area.  As a taxpayer and voter I have the right to enjoy my home and community under the protection of the current zoning bylaws.

WBCA Executive


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