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It's an eWaste Day

posted Apr 26, 2011 5:03 AM by Westboro Beach Community Association   [ updated Apr 26, 2011 5:21 AM ]

The First Unitarian Congregation, in conjuction with the Province of Ontario's Electronic Stewardship Program, will be hosting an eWaste Day at 30 Cleary Ave. on May 7th. from 9am to 2pm.

Material collected under this provincial program is reused, refurbished, or is recycled under environmentally responsible processes.  It's a fundraiser for the church as well - the Province pays by weight for everything collected.

What you can bring:
- Televisions
- Computers of any kind
- Computer peripherals, e.g.modems, cables, mice, keyboards, etc
- Printers, copiers, scanners, electric typewriters
- Telephones and accessories incl. answering machines, fax
- Cellular phones
- PDAs and pagers, hand-held computers
- audio and video players incl. CD, DVD, tape cassette
- Cameras of all kinds
- Equalizers / (pre)amplifiers
- Radios, incl. vehicle radios
- Receivers, Tuners, Speakers
- Turntables
- Video players/projectors
- Video recorders
- Home theatre equipment

What you cannot bring:
- microwaves
- air conditioners
- humidifiers
-  ........

For information, or to sign up to help! 
John Turnbull  613-820-7259  <4johnrt@live.com>
Katherine Gunn   613-729-0504   <KLgunn@magma.ca>

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