New Stop signs on Churchill at Selby – Update!

posted Dec 3, 2010 9:19 AM by Westboro Beach Community Association

Originally posted May 3, 2010

The residents of the area have raised concerns about the safety of the Churchill and Selby intersection which is the location for 3 different school buses to pick up and drop off children every school day. In addition, residents living in the area with small children and people crossing the street to access the greenspace of Selby plains have complained about the speed of the cars along Churchill avenue. Many vehicles seem to be non-residents who are lost and driving around at higher speeds.

To address the concerns from the residents about the safety of the intersection, the WBCA requested assistance from the Councillor and the City. The Councillor’s office and WBCA suggested a 4-way stop at this intersection.

Originally the city proposed adding stop signs on Churchill Avenue, but removing them from Selby Avenue. Many residents voiced their desire to keep the intersection now as a 4-way stop.

Many thanks to Councillor Christine Leadman and her great team, particularly Fabrice, for working quickly with the city to keep the intersection as a 4-way stop and ensuring safer access for pedestrians from all directions. Councillor Leadman has once again demonstrated her outstanding support for our community.

The WBCA appreciates the support and understanding of all residents of the area in helping to keep our neighbourhood safe and a great place for everyone to enjoy. By ensuring a safer access to our greenspace, we aim to encourage the residents and visitors to enjoy these areas. Lastly, we want to show the NCC, during their period of renewal of their Urban Lands Master Plan, that these areas are used and valuable as greenspace.

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