Westboro Beach is located in the larger geographic neighbourhood of Westboro in the urban west end of the City of Ottawa. (See map) The Westboro Beach community is unique in that it is located adjacent to the Ottawa River, is the site of a public access point to the River and is bounded to the South by the City’s transitway. In fact, Westboro Beach includes several transportation corridors: the transitway, the Trans Canada Trail, the Ottawa River Parkway, the NCC recreational pathway system and the Ottawa River.

Westboro Beach is an active living community and greatly values greenspaces. At a recent visioning session residents defined our goals:

  • To build on our “green” credentials.
  • Retain and enhance our recreational and green spaces
  • Protect the river for both our own community and the rest of the citizens of Ottawa. Build on Westboro as a focus for active outdoor living. We need to link our active outdoor living and green spaces to other areas so that they can be enjoyed by all residents of the Ottawa region.
  • Address increased traffic on our roads, both on quiet side roads and on main streets. Our community should not be a “place to drive through”, and we need to ensure that busy roads do not divide our community.
  • Build on, and expand our partnerships with business, the City and the NCC to further enhance our opportunities for active sports and recreational activities.
  • Integrate newcomers to our community.

While working to save greenspace in our community, the Westboro Beach Community Association is working to maintain the high quality of life for our residents. The growing popularity of the Westboro Beach area has resulted in new housing development. The Association is working to ensure new development is compatible with the existing community.

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